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The majority of our work involves providing in-house training programmes to companies and organisations which are often tailored to their specific requirements. Training employees at the same time in a group not only ensures that they receive the same information, and that some are not taught different things or more or less than others, but also makes the training much more cost effective.

However, we also run some of our most popular courses as scheduled open courses at training locations across the United Kingdom through our partners SPICE Personnel Group Limited, so that individuals or companies who only have one or two employees requiring the training can book on and attend.

Management Courses

First Line Management Course
First Line Management Course at Dickson Training Ltd

The most popular of our management training courses, the 2-day First Line Management course is specifically for people who are new to a management position or who are about to undertake a management position and have had no formal management training. Anyone who is new to a management or supervisory position will benefit from this course.

Run over two days, the syllabus of the First Line Management course will cover a wide range of topics to give new or inexperienced managers a firm understanding of the foundations needed to begin their journey as a manager.

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management
ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Qualification at Dickson Training Ltd

One of the main responsibilities of a manager is to make sure that employees are satisfied with their job and reaching their full potential. A manager who can energise his or her employees will have a team which has a much greater potential and capability of achieving company goals and objectives.

This 3-day programme brings together the key leadership skills that you will need to be an effective manager so that you can return to the workplace and deliver tangible results. The syllabus of the course covers a variety of topics over the three days including problem solving, decision making, leadership and workplace communication.

ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills
ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills Qualification at Dickson Training Ltd

This programme is ideal for practising or aspiring team leaders, in any industry sector, who is looking to gain a solid foundation or develop their existing skills as a team leader.

This internationally recognised course will give you a solid understanding of what is needed to be a successful team leader, how to delegate, motivate and how to implement these skills in to your work place.

There are no formal entry requirements, but participants will normally be either practising or aspiring team leaders, with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the programme.

Influencing for Leadership and Management
Influencing for Leadership and Management Course by Dickson Training Ltd

We often find ourselves working in fast-paced matrix environments, working in/with virtual teams or simply trying to get something done by someone in another part of the business.

This common aspect of our working lives has a common challenge: how to influence other people to help us or do something for us, when they don't report to us. Pulling rank or strong nudging might work once, but we need to build a supportive and collaborative relationship over the long term.

Fortunately, there are really effective tips for influencing, and our program offers an influencing model in detail. Through activity and discussion we explore how you can apply these principles and use it when you need help from other people.

Emotional Intelligence for Today's Leadership and Management
Emotional Intelligence for Today's Leadership and Management by Dickson Training Ltd

EQ is a pattern of how people's biases in their thinking leads them to think one choice or thing is better than another, as well as their clarity in differentiating within those biases to exercise clear and sound judgement. Where your thinking and responses lie within your biases spectrum, and your ability in adjusting to the situation you find yourself in, will determine responses equating to poor or strong Emotional Intelligence (EI).

This course will enhance and promote the skill set necessary for any working leader or manager, allowing our in-depth emotional intelligence knowledge to be applied into your working environment. From an employer's perspective, this award can be a significant long-term return on investment by further developing your leaders and managers.

Coaching & Mentoring Courses

ILM Level 5 Business Coaching and Mentoring
ILM Level 5 Business Coaching and Mentoring Qualification at Dickson Training Ltd

The ILM Level 5 Qualifications (Certificate and Diploma) in Business Coaching and Mentoring are highly accessible and have been designed for all tiers of director, manager and those at a supervisory level, as well as anyone involved in people development. They provide a detailed, pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring using the very latest techniques.

The qualifications have been created to sharpen a leader's skills; and provide a detailed, pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring using the very latest techniques.

Coaching and Mentoring for Managers
Coaching and Mentoring for Managers Course by Dickson Training Ltd

The 2-day Coaching and Mentoring for Managers course is designed for organisations that want their managers and team leaders to apply practical coaching and mentoring skills in everyday work situations in order to develop the performance of those they are responsible for, as well as improving communication within the business.

Previous attendees have included chief executives, general managers, and HR managers, right through to production line supervisors and office staff. In fact, anybody that has to work as part of a team and relies on other people's efforts will benefit from this programme.

Train The Trainer Course

Train The Trainer Course
Train The Trainer Courses at Dickson Training Ltd

Our 2-day Train The Trainer course provides the essential skills for people that are new to training, or simply wishing to refresh their skills. It will guide you through the full training cycle of identifying learner needs, designing training material that will hook your audience, delivering a successful course and evaluating the commercial validity of your training.

Our consultants have established themselves as experts in the field of training and they will be able to guide you through the training process from start to finish, ensuring that you leave the programme with the relevant skills to achieve tangible results.

Sales Training Courses

Essential Selling Skills
Essential Selling Skills at Dickson Training Ltd

Some people naturally possess an ability to sell and others over time develop their own style. We have created a highly practical course to give you the confidence and ability to sell over the phone or face to face. We focus the exercises, theory and discussion on your own job role and experiences to ensure you can return to the workplace to deliver tangible results.

This 2-day course is designed for individuals who are new to selling, those in a sales role but have not received any formal training, or professionals who would like to brush up and enhance their current selling skills and learn some new techniques.

Sales Presenting
Sales Presenting Training by Dickson Training Ltd

The main aim of this workshop is to encourage and enable delegates to present their sales messages stylishly and persuasively to expert buying audiences and improve their conversion rates. The focus is placed firmly on performance and creativity in top level presenting.

It is aimed at experienced sales professionals who are expert at selling but need to be able to present and pitch for business at high skill levels in order to land major accounts. Delegate numbers will be restricted to 4 people. Delegates should be willing and be prepared to give video-recorded presentations as part of the course.

Interpersonal Skills Courses

Professional Customer Care
Professional Customer Care and Customer Service Training by Dickson Training Ltd

Professional customer care is all too frequently regarded as a token issue in most induction sessions for employees. Surprisingly it is very rarely considered as a key priority, despite being essential for ensuring customer commitment is secure and supplier/partnerships are robust.

Excellent customer care is paramount in our ever increasingly competitive market and making customers feel valued and looked after is often a differentiator. This 2-day course will help you understand your customers and the vital importance of customer care in any organisation. You will gain the tools and techniques to apply your learning directly back into the workplace and deliver excellent customer care.

Effective Communication and Influencing
Effective Communication and Influencing Training by Dickson Training Ltd

In order to be an effective manager, it is extremely important to have good communication skills so that you can get your instructions across clearly and in a manner which will get you the results you desire from your employees.

Our 2-day Effective Communication and Influencing course aims to provide attendees with a range of skills and behaviours which will allow them to communication clearly and effectively. Course syllabus modules include explaining the communication process, the different styles of influencing, the importance of body language and tone of voice, non-verbal communication and more.

Effective Negotiation Skills
Effective Negotiation Skills Training by Dickson Training Ltd

Negotiation is an everyday challenge for some whether it be in the office, field or at home. Have you ever walked away from a situation thinking "if I'd only put my thoughts, side, opinion or words across better"?

This 2-day course is perfect for managers, supervisors and sales people. It will focus on negotiation skills and the techniques that go with it.

In this energy-charged provision you'll learn and practice negotiation, assertiveness and influencing techniques.

Recruitment and Selection Skills
Recruitment and Selection Skills Training by Dickson Training Ltd

This course is aimed at management and those with responsibility for recruiting and selecting employees internally or externally for their organisation.

Since the economic downturn, job seeker numbers have increased. This has resulted in additional costs for businesses as they have had to assess more and more candidates. A lot of businesses have responded by inputting additional layers in their recruitment and selection process. With rumoured costs of between £7,000 and £35,000 for employing staff depending on level, it's essential that this process is robust.