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When the Team Leader or Manager has been appointed to take responsibility for the team or department - they and their respective team - will perform far more effectively if just a 2 or 3 day Training course has been provided.

Without any training - they will take far longer to be competent as a Manager & Leader. Indeed they will probably make some costly errors that will almost certainly erode their confidence and diminish their capability.

However, with a targeted and engaging course - they will be far more likely to have the confidence and apply the required skills to get the best out of the team and add a lot more value.

Today's management training courses, whether accredited courses or not, recognise the fact that managers need to be a combination of 'managers' and 'leaders'. Managers are typically those who determine the firm's goals and come up with methods for achieving those goals. Leaders are the ones who motivate the workforce and inspire them. Successful managers always have a talent for both.

What Sort of Areas Does Management Training Cover?

Management training needs to cover a whole range of different managerial skills, issues and techniques

The role of a manager covers a number of different areas, and accordingly there are management training courses which provide a good overall knowledge of how to manage effectively, as well as other management training courses which focus more specifically on a certain area such as project management, time management, change management, recruitment & selection and discipline & grievance.

Both existing and new managers will already have some of these skills. Management training is vital for the development of the particular areas in which the person has little knowledge of, or is weak in. This is why first line management training is so important for new managers. Also, with the business environment changing so quickly, it is important to receive regular management training to keep abreast of the latest changes and developments, and to make sure the individual's skills are as sharp as ever.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Management Training Needs?

Tailored and bespoke management training programmes for you and your employees

We have over 25 years' worth of experience in providing management training solutions; either through open courses or by way of tailored, bespoke management training programmes for some of the biggest companies in the UK, and even the world.

Our trainers frequently provide management training, leadership development, team building and business coaching sessions for companies and organisations all over the world.

Our international clients frequently commission repeat in-house training sessions for new employees or those changing roles as business circumstances change and new opportunities are identified.

Take a browse through the site and see how we can help you with your management training needs. Alternatively, call us on 01937 579 649 or submit a brief description of your training requirements through an online contact form and we will get back to you.

Scheduled Open Courses

Our open courses are provided in partnership with the management training division of the BCF Group. Two of the most popular management training and development courses - the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management and our own First Line Manager course - are currently run as open courses at venues across the UK. Please use the links below to find out more information, including scheduled dates and prices.

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Courses

One of the main responsibilities of a manager is to make sure that employees are satisfied with their job and reaching their full potential. A manager who can energise his or her employees will have a team which has a much greater potential and capability of achieving company goals and objectives.

It is therefore vital that a manager has the essential skills to fully support and lead their team to success.

This 3-day programme brings together the key leadership skills that you will need to be an effective manager so that you can return to the workplace and deliver tangible results.

First Line Management Course

First Line Management Courses

The most popular of our management training courses, the First Line Management course is specifically for people who are new to a management position or who are about to undertake a management position and have had no formal management training. Anyone who is new to a management or supervisory position will benefit from this course.

Run over two days, the syllabus of the First Line Management course will cover a wide range of topics to give new or inexperienced managers a firm understanding of the foundations needed to begin their journey as a manager. It includes units on effective communication, managing your team, managing yourself, delegating, setting objectives, effective planning and personal development.

In-House Courses

In-House Management Training Courses and Programmes

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to tailor any of our open management courses to the needs and requirements of different businesses in different industries. We understand that whilst our open management training courses provide a wealth of knowledge in their particular area of focus, not all of it may be relevant for your business and the particular industry you operate in.

Rather than making delegates sit through management training that is irrelevant to their job role, we offer bespoke management training where we tailor the course to cover the specific needs of your organisation, ultimately relieving the inevitable boredom and "switching off" that would come with having to sit through training that a person knew they would not need.

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