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Interpersonal Skills Courses

People with strong interpersonal skills have learnt to identify which are the best ways of interacting with others in different situations. The good part is, interpersonal skills are easily developed; a little time and effort spent working, thinking and practicing your interpersonal skills can pay huge rewards in all aspects of your life, and in business.

After taking a course with Dickson Training Ltd, you will almost immediately be able to see the return on investment as you utilise the skills and knowledge picked up from us and introduce these back into the workplace.

Train the Trainer

There is no secret to becoming a successful trainer; it is about equipping yourself with the essential skills to deliver an engaging training session, meeting both the business's and the trainee's needs.

Our consultants have established themselves as experts in the field of training and they will be able to guide you through the training process from start to finish, ensuring that you leave the programme with the relevant skills to achieve tangible results.

The 2-day Train The Trainer courses - either ILM-accredited or non-accredited - provide the essential skills for people that are new to training, or simply wishing to refresh their skills, and will guide you through the full training cycle.

Professional Customer Care

Professional customer care is all too frequently regarded as a token issue in most induction sessions for employees. Surprisingly it is very rarely considered as a key priority, despite being essential for ensuring customer commitment is secure and supplier/partnerships are robust.

Excellent customer care is paramount in our ever increasingly competitive market and making customers feel valued and looked after is often a differentiator.

This 2-day course will help you understand your customers and the vital importance of customer care in any organisation. You will gain the tools and techniques to apply your learning directly back into the workplace and deliver excellent customer care.

Effective Communication and Influencing

In order to be an effective manager, it is extremely important to have good communication skills so that you can get your instructions across clearly and in a manner which will get you the results you desire from your employees.

Our 2-day Effective Communication and Influencing course aims to provide attendees with a range of skills and behaviours which will allow them to communication clearly and effectively. Course syllabus modules include explaining the communication process, the different styles of influencing, the importance of body language and tone of voice, non-verbal communication and more.

Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an everyday challenge for some whether it be in the office, field or at home. Have you ever walked away from a situation thinking "if I'd only put my thoughts, side, opinion or words across better"?

This 2-day course is perfect for managers, supervisors and sales people. It will focus on negotiation skills and the techniques that go with it. In this energy-charged provision you'll learn and practice negotiation, assertiveness and influencing techniques.

Recruitment and Selection

Since the economic downturn, job seeker numbers have increased. This has resulted in additional costs for businesses as they have had to assess more and more candidates. A lot of businesses have responded by inputting additional layers in their recruitment and selection process. With rumoured costs of between £7,000 and £35,000 for employing staff depending on level, it's essential that this process is robust.

This course is aimed at management and those with responsibility for recruiting and selecting employees internally or externally for their organisation.

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