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First Line Management Course

This 2 day course is ideal for Team Leaders and Managers who have had little or no training in the role where they have to lead a team and take on management responsibilities. It will give them confidence and the skills to take decisions and get the best performance from their team.

The most popular of our management training courses, the First Line Management course is specifically for people who are new to a management position or who are about to undertake a management position and have had no formal management training. Anyone who is new to a management or supervisory position will benefit from this course.

Run over two days, the syllabus of the First Line Management course will cover a wide range of topics to give new or inexperienced managers a firm understanding of the foundations needed to begin their journey as a manager. It includes units on effective communication, managing your team, managing yourself, delegating, setting objectives, effective planning and personal development.

Course Syllabus

Module One
Role Assessment and Personal Development Planning

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Outline framework of management
  • Taking the step into management
  • Identifying personal development needs and planning

Module Two
Effective Communication Skills

  • Communicating to be effective - how and what to communicate
  • Designing effective questioning techniques and listening actively
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Dealing with, and responding to, differing communication styles

Module Three
Managing Yourself

  • Use of planning tools and techniques
  • Dealing with time stealers and interruptions
  • Learn how to delegate effectively

Module Four
Managing Your Team

  • Understanding different management styles and how to use them
  • Recognising performance management
  • Setting expectations and clearly defining roles and responsibilities
  • Pinpointing performance and motivating your team/individuals
  • Learning the management actions required to maintain team effectiveness
  • Team dynamics and looking at individual behaviour within teams

Scheduled Open Course Dates

For more information about the First Line Manager course, please call us on 01937 579 649 or send us an online contact form.

We also run open courses in conjunction with our training partners The BCF Group Limited. To see the list of scheduled open course dates, please click here to visit their site.

In-House Courses

This is our own management training course which has been developed and refined over the many years we have been providing it to delegates from organisations in virtually every industry.

This means that the course syllabus is flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of a new first line manager or managers, making it ideal for companies or organisations who require an in-house first line management training course which is attended by a number of current or potential managers.

If you would like to discuss how we can tailor this management training course for you and/or run it at your premises, please call us on 01937 579 649 or submit a brief description of your training requirements through an online contact form and we will get back to you.

Also Consider...

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

As well as providing our own first line management courses, we also offer the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management qualification.

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management qualification is also aimed at managers who have had little or no previous formal management training.

Along with core management skills and performance of management tasks such as project management, leading meetings and delegating, the course syllabus aims to develop managerial skills by covering many related subject areas including leadership, planning and managing change, communication skills and the management of people.

We currently run this qualification as an open course at Nottingham, Manchester and Reading training venues through our partners The BCF Group, as well as offering it as an in-house programme for a group of your managers.

To find out more information, please click here.

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Management of Health and Safety

As a new manager, one of your new responsibilities is likely to be the management of health and safety.

It is up to managers to ensure that all reasonable precautions have been taken and control measures put in place in order to reduce, as far as is reasonably practical, the chances of a worker becoming ill or injured as a result of doing their job. A failure to comply with these responsibilities can lead to criminal prosecution.

One of the most popular health and safety training courses for managers is the IOSH Managing Safely certificate. Typically run over four days, this qualification provides managers with a comprehensive overview of the main health and safety issues that will apply to a workplace in virtually any industry. These include risk assessments and hazard identification, accident prevention, environmental considerations, legal responsibilities and much more.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is aimed at managers and supervisors with health and safety responsibilities, but is equally valid for directors, senior officers and health and safety officers in low risk organisations. Past delegates have come from virtually every industry and internationally.

So if you are a new manager and are taking your first steps into the management of health and safety in the workplace, this course will be ideal, particularly if you have had little or no formal health and safety training in the past. See the IOSH Managing Safely course at our training partner The BCF Group Limited to find out more about it along with scheduled dates and prices.