Every single team member or employee that has a role which involves engaging with a customer, client and/or a key partner/supplier has a responsibility for projecting a positive image of the organisation which they represent.

That may sound obvious, but how many hundreds of experiences have you had as a customer where you were treated with indifference and a distinct lack of professionalism by the receptionist, the retail assistant, the tele-agent, the delivery person, the credit controller or the departmental manager of the operation that you were dealing with?

Far too many to count?

This is because professional customer care is regarded as a token issue in most induction sessions for employees - and it is very rarely considered as a key priority to ensure customer commitment is secure and supplier/partnerships are robust.

Yet the hugely expensive churn in customer/client commitments and staff is enormously expensive and immensely disruptive to any organisation.

The Importance of Customers and Clients

Every client/customer engaging person needs to recognise that it is ultimately the client or customer that pays their wages. If they gain a basic understanding of the clients' motivations and behaviours, coupled with some core skills in how to care for them, they will attain the status of 'professional'. This will very quickly translate into increased revenues, retained loyalty, high commitment and far greater security for all parties.

The foundation has to be based on the authentic commitment to both the customer and also to the organisation they work for. Disenfranchisement readily curdles into sloppy behaviours cloaked in unprofessional attitudes and demeanours; plenty there to repel the most loyal of customers.

If your company or organisation relies on repeat business and retaining the confidence and commitment of your clients, then all of your team members - perhaps including managers who set the example and have the biggest influence on the where the needle points to in relation to professionalism - need to be trained on the core basics of professional customer care.

Customer Care Programmes from Dickson Training Ltd

We are delighted to boast about the many successes we have had in providing effective and long lasting improvements for many clients, where awards have been won and, more importantly, talent has been retained because their clients and customers keep on coming back.

Professional customer care extends to suppliers and partners that you value and need to get the best service and rates from, as well as any 'internal clients' such as other departments where you need to rely on their support and collaboration in order to achieve your goals.

It is amazing what effective professional customer care training can do for any organisation. Without it your organisation may be vulnerable, with it you are much more likely to see increased performances and much greater security and growth.

If you would like to speak to us about your professional customer care training needs, please call us on 01937 579 649 or contact us online and we will ensure you receive outstanding professional customer care!

Case Study - The Met Office

Both the general public and specialist professions such as aviation, shipping and TV weather presenters call upon the Met Office to gain detailed but relevant forecasts as well as data from the world's number 1 forecaster - our Met Office.

So their high calibre meteorologists and service desk support personnel need to be highly professional with all the incoming calls they receive every day, every hour, every season. They are asked for details of a highly technical nature, or they may be called on by a lonely person in the middle of the night just wanting to have a friendly voice to talk to, and often they are challenged by journalists who want make a story out of the weather but need the full facts and context.

Meteorologists are part of the science community, so it is fair to say that they come from a discipline of evidence based criteria and logical thinking. Professional customer care is often counter-intuitive to this approach because the customer usually knows less than they do, and may not be clear or considered in their demands. So there is an extension to their skills required to meet the status of 'Professional' when dealing with customers, specialist clients and journalists' expectations

We are very proud to boast about the partnership we have with the Met Office in providing our Professional Customer Care training to hundreds of their hard-working and highly qualified teams and managers.

Based on the research stage we performed, we then designed and delivered a bespoke programme which provided a highly motivational and very effective professional customer care programme for groups of 10-12 on each cohort.

One of the innovations was bringing in a professional actress to replicate the scenarios they encounter (e.g. English as a second language, the council needing to know if they should grit the roads if it is due to be icy, film makers requiring a detailed forecast to be in time for their shoot in a remote location etc.) to recreate the best way to handle difficult challenges in a professional manner.

This programme has been so successful that the Met Office have been awarded 1st prize in the Top 50 Professional Customer Improvements Award and we were referenced in their keynote acceptance speech at the London Conference.

Further to that - when the BBC concluded their contract, prior to our involvement - the Head of Customer Services commissioned a specialised research project for the Media Team followed by a calibrated version of the Professional Customer Care course for the meteorologists who work with TV & Radio weather presenters and newsprint journalists.

Shortly after that a contract with Sky was signed up - and the ITV agreement was renewed and enhanced.