Hands forming a lightbulb shape signifying teamwork and idea generation

Below is a template of an actual Programme that has been delivered very successfully for clients such as the NHS; Claranet; Jotun Paints & Workspace.

This, however, can be modified to suit any group or size.

It will be designed to reflect the Organisation’s preferred Hybrid working framework and communication systems.

The options of having the innovative Real Play technique to help handle delicate conversations is especially effective.

The biggest gain is to reconnect the relationships via the activities and exercises, which would be selected carefully.

Key commitments and buy-in is always the priority outcomes - which this programme will help deliver in just 1 day.

The objectives include:

  • Making the transition back to working as a collaborative team
  • Enhancing the Leadership skills of the team
  • Reviewing/establishing the Hybrid working protocols
  • Galvanising the Team spirit
  • Maintain inclusivity among full-time; part-time and Region based team members
  • Energising and motivational
  • Fun!

Exercise – Round the Bend
Group meeting concept

The team are to follow the instructions delivered as they walk (and jump) through the route – always keeping a safe distance apart.

The instructions become more complicated as they progress.

Debriefing points:

  • Dealing with Change
  • Attention to Detail
  • Adapting approach
  • Optimising results

Exercise - Number Crunch

(3 x Cohorts of 12/13)

Number crunch cartoon image

The team must be effectively led and motivated to work as one unified group to reach their objective of visiting each numbered location within a very tight deadline.

Debriefing points:

  • Support and co-ordination
  • Strategy and planning
  • Adapting approach
  • Optimising results

Tutorial – Team Dynamics

  • Tuckman model
  • Phases of Development towards Maturity

Exercise - Juggling
A woman juggling Earth globes

(3 x Cohorts of 12/13)

The group(s) will be invited to optimise the number of ‘clients’ (juggling balls) they can manage at one time. This involves devising a sequence between the group to achieve maximum results without making any mistakes. We introduce different balls which represent different degrees of complexity, challenging the group’s preparation and approach to a variety ‘customers’ needs.

Debriefing points:

  • Ensuring effective communication
  • Clarifying the approach for dealing with the unexpected
  • Setting expectations and reviewing delivery
  • Treating every colleague with care and respect

Tutorial - Email Etiquette

  • The primary standards – best practices
  • ABSURD model
  • Preparation and planning
  • Top Tips

World Cafe
World cafe drawing

The team are split into 5-6 sub-groups – each with a specific review focus:-

  • What recommendations do you have to engage the team back into the Workplace?
  • How do we ensure the framework is efficient?
  • What are the best ways to optimise team working strategically when most/all team members are in the office?
  • What potential barriers are there?
  • How do we accommodate for the Regional team members?
  • What are the benefits to bringing the team back to the workplace?

Each session has 2 – 3 rounds with each table’s ‘host’ sharing feedback for applying to the Team Action Plan – or Charter.

Debriefing points:

  • Each Syndicate’s recommendations and capture the key actions they generate

'Real Play'
A Real Play session

We offer an innovative solution to bring real Leadership/team scenarios to life. We use actors who improvise scenarios which have been specified by the group.

  • The group is split the group into 2 sub-groups, one with the Actor, the other with the Trainer.
  • Each group has a brief and has to instruct their Trainer/Actor on how to approach the scenario supplied.
  • The Actor and Trainer perform the role play(s) as instructed by their respective teams; however, during the action they can be paused for further recommendations or direction.
  • The outcome is the responsibility of the team(s) – not the performers

Assign 24 x ‘Directors’ (4 for each Player – Phil & Julia – for each Real Play.

Potential Real Play Scenarios:

  • Engaging with a team member as to how the new working plans will be applied.
  • Overcoming concerns to the new working practices/framework
  • Addressing issues where a team member feels excluded from the teamworking practices/culture

The debrief

Debrief the Programme

Individual Action Plans

Team Priorities for application into the workplace