Project management courses can often vary in their content due to the task of 'project management' being such a wide-ranging one which incorporates a variety of different requirements. A good project manager needs to be proficient in a number of different roles, including being an effective leader, organiser, problem solver, communicator and motivator.

Our 2-day project management courses cover in the syllabus not only the technical side of project management such as Gantt charts, critical path analysis, project life cycle and monitoring tools, but they also touch on the 'human' or 'soft skills' side of project management. Those new to the position of a project manager often overlook these areas and focus on the project management process itself. However, without the manager developing their abilities in these other important areas, the project can often start to encounter problems such as time or budget over-runs which may threaten either the project itself or the position of the person as project manager.

Having the ability in these skills, such as being able to communicate effectively with others working on the project, are just as important as the technical side of things. As well as touching on these areas in our project management courses, we also have courses devoted entirely to these subjects which go into much more detail and will be highly beneficial for new or existing project managers who wish to develop themselves in these areas. These training courses include our first line management courses, effective communication, team development/team leading, and the accredited ILM Awards in Leadership and Management & Leadership and Team Building.

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