The skills needed to effectively manage projects are numerous. Just like being a manager of a company, the role requires that the person be proficient in different areas such as being an effective leader and motivator, being able to manage resources to get the most out of what is available, the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations, being able to foresee problems and take appropriate action before they become too big an issue etc.

For many, the first place they start with when undertaking project management training is to attend a project management course which focuses on the specifics of the project itself, containing elements such as the management of resources, critical path analysis, Gantt charts, using project management software and the like. This is all fine, but to be a truly successful project manager requires training in a range of other managerial skills such as leadership and motivation, effective delegation, team development and gaining the "buy-in" of others. This means that ultimately, true project management training will mean the manager is willing to develop themselves in these areas as well, rather than just concentrating specifically on the technical aspects of project management.

Project management also incorporates a big element of health and safety, as the project will often contain processes that could pose a risk to the health of workers or members of the public if suitable risk assessments are not performed and appropriate safety controls put in place. Therefore, a project manager would also benefit hugely from attending health and safety courses on a subject appropriate to the project being undertaken (e.g. training on how to avoid injuries from sharp objects if the project is a big clean up of a derelict site or building). For more information regarding health and safety training, please click here.

What Project Management Training is Available?

So training for a project manager is not only an ongoing process, but will also often require more than one course or session. For those project managers who wish to truly develop their skills, we have a range of provisions to develop them in all areas. The first place to start is, not surprisingly, our 2-day project management training course which not only deals with the fundamentals of how to manage a project successfully, but also touches on the other aspects of being a good project manager, including communication skills and leadership qualities. For more information on our 2-day project management training course, along with scheduled dates, locations, prices and booking information, please contact us.

As well as this project management course, we also provide numerous other training courses devoted to specific topics. These include courses on leadership, effective communication, first line management skills, business coaching, team building & team development programmes.

We also specialise in putting together and providing bespoke training programmes which incorporate elements of a number of our courses and focusing on the specific requirements of the individual or company requiring the training. For more information on how we can assist you, please call us on 01937 579 649 or send us an online contact form. Alternatively, use the tabs at the top of the page to browse the site and find out more about what we offer.