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Sales Skills

Quite simply, the success or failure of a commercial enterprise relies heavily on its' sales force. Our bespoke selling skills courses are specifically designed to recognise and improve your teams' natural sales and negotiation abilities.

In today's business environment, competition for a consumer's money is more intense than ever; you need effective and skilful employees to push your product and make a consumer choose you over the rest of the market. That's where our sales and negotiation training courses come in!

Essential Selling Skills

Some people naturally possess an ability to sell and others over time develop their own style. We have created a highly practical course to give you the confidence and ability to sell over the phone or face to face. We focus the exercises, theory and discussion on your own job role and experiences to ensure you can return to the workplace to deliver tangible results.

This 2-day course is designed for individuals who are new to selling, those in a sales role but have not received any formal training, or professionals who would like to brush up and enhance their current selling skills and learn some new techniques.

Sales Presenting

The main aim of this 1-day workshop is to encourage and enable delegates to present their sales messages stylishly and persuasively to expert buying audiences and improve their conversion rates. The focus is placed firmly on performance and creativity in top level presenting.

It is aimed at experienced sales professionals who are expert at selling but need to be able to present and pitch for business at high skill levels in order to land major accounts. Delegate numbers will be restricted to 4 people. Delegates should be willing and be prepared to give video-recorded presentations as part of the course.