The best Leadership Development & Team Building exercise you'll ever encounter.

Rollerball – our brilliantly effective Team Building exercise for groups of 16 up to 400 people.

The concept is that there are grids laid out, each representing a different country, where the groups have to build a free-flowing structure that the Rollerballs can traverse through and all land in the central country, 'Italy' within 10 seconds of each other.

They have to buy materials from the shop and there is a separate meeting room where only one person from each country, wearing the passport- baseball cap – can leave to attend.

This requires coordination, collaboration from all areas of the Rollerball matrix – and commercial control as we have designed it with a currency and purchasing framework.

The learnings are many, including – planning and time-budgeting; communication and supply networks; fiscal responsibility and delivering high standards of excellence through effective leadership and authentic, interdepartmental team support.

It's practical, motivational and a huge amount of fun!

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